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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

30 October 2013

8 Chifley opens in Sydney

8 Chifley is the Sydney Central Business District’s newest and most progressive commercial tower and the first project completed in Australia by the practice.

Dramatically different to anything seen before on the Sydney skyline, this 34-storey office building, is the product of a global collaboration between Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Australia’s Lippmann Partnership. The distinctive red bracing on the exterior of the building reveals the structural skeleton of 8 Chifley, combining structural efficiency, elegance, and most importantly highly functional space planning.

The building is made up of two stacked modules of 12 and nine floors, with seven ‘villages’ of three-storey communal workspaces, providing connectivity and vertical integration between the floors which create the feeling of extensive space. Central to the building’s sense of community is the elevated ‘village square’ on the 18th floor, set within a three-storey void. This area will provide a focal point for occupants of the building, allowing meeting and interaction within a light and airy space.

Perhaps the defining feature of the project is the six-storey open space at street level that not only forms a grand entrance to the building, but creates a new, significant area of public space which addresses and completes Chifley Square. The open space is repeated midway up the building and again at the top, integrating Australia’s outdoor lifestyle into the city’s work environment. Richard Rogers says, “We are delighted to have completed 8 Chifley Square, our first building in Sydney, the most beautiful waterfront city that I have ever visited. It is the result of a successful and truly collaborative partnership between Mirvac, Lippmann and ourselves.”

Ivan Harbour says, “8 Chifley is a unique building for 21st century Sydney. Its emphasis on community, both indoors and out, from ground to roof, celebrates Australia’s passion for a balanced quality of life and the great outdoors. The building finally forms a focus to Chifley Square, drawing the public plaza up to its front door and forming a great loggia for all Sydneysiders to enjoy.”