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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

21 February 2013

Croydon Urban Pioneers visit RSHP

The current Urban Pioneers programme focuses on Croydon. The programme will include ten creative workshops for local students, who will work with a variety of cutting-edge creative professionals to explore architecture and place in its widest sense.

Each of the workshops will contribute to a publication documenting Croydon’s built environment and the students’ reflections on it, a new edition of cult magazine The Suburban Press.

On Thursday 21 February, the Pioneers visited Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners studio to see architects in action and create concept plans for the new Croydon Westfield centre. Tracy Meller introduced the practice and its approach to a brief, and Rion Willard, who is himself from Croydon, led a workshop which focussed on the centre of Croydon and proposed options for improvements to the new Westfield.

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners committed to a two year sponsorship of the Architecture Foundation Urban Pioneers programme starting in April 2012, and the Croydon group is the second group of four groups the practice will be involved in.Ivan Harbour launched the programme: “Programmes like the Urban Pioneers help make sure the next generation can be inspired to understand, reshape and improve their environments.”

Follow the Urban Pioneers on their blog.