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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

2 December 2013

RSHP unveil first completed project in Italy

The Nuovo Centro Civico is the new heart of Scandicci - a town located four miles southwest of Florence, Italy - designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) and DA.Studio. It is the first completed project in the country by RSHP.

The newly finished buildings are part of a wider urban plan commissioned by the Scandicci Council in 2003 and will transform the area from a disconnected satellite town into a renewed city hub. The development consists of a cultural centre, an office building and apartments, as well as a tram station that connects the town to the centre of Florence. These buildings are oriented around a piazza, focusing a series of activities from public to private, for the whole community. Materials were carefully selected to respond to local building traditions and a calm, contemporary architectural language binds the buildings together despite their varying functions. The result is a restrained architectural aesthetic that directs attention towards the setting rather than the buildings themselves.

Richard Rogers says, “We hope to have marked a change and indicated a new direction for the next 20 years of development of Scandicci. I believe that we have created something truly special and I hope that the legacy of this project will continue to develop for many years to come.”

Ivan Harbour, Senior Partner at RSHP says, “A work of this magnitude is a great catalyst and already the town is responding to the work. Scandicci places people above all other design considerations. This should always be the aim behind a great urban regeneration project.”

Mayor of Scandicci Simone Gheri says, “The opening for this project marks the beginning of a new era for Scandicci, we now have a centre as they have one in central Florence. It is not a point of arrival, but rather a starting point. If we place ourselves in the middle of the square and appreciate the beauty of the new space and the harmony of the dimensions, we feel with real confidence that our city has a great future.”