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21 May 2014

Barangaroo receives Top Green Star rating

Level 23 of Tower 2 at Barangaroo South has been painted green to celebrate the building receiving the Green Building Council of Australia's 6 Star Green Star rating, the largest building in Australia to receive the award that represents world leadership in environmentally sustainable building practices. 

It is the second RSHP building in Sydney to receive this accolade following 8 Chifley. On completion, Barangaroo South will be home to three towers featuring high performance solar shading facades and energy saving cooling systems that will utilise water from Sydney Harbour. The precinct aims to generate more renewable energy than used at Barangaroo, recycle and export more water than consumed and reuse, reduce and recycle more waste than generated. RSHP has developed a masterplan for the Barangaroo area of Sydney for developer Lend Lease that breaks up the disused container port’s uniform concrete border and returns the peninsula to the people of Sydney as a bold addition to the city’s urban landscape. The masterplan is based on a ‘fan’ of buildings that create views opening outwards towards the west helping to reconnect Sydney to its western waterfront.