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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

19 June 2014

Nuovo Centro Civico, Scandicci Wins RIBA EU Awards

Nuovo Centro Civico, Scandicci is one of 12 buildings to win the RIBA EU Awards. The judges commended ‘the admirable strategic ambition of the project: the regenerating impact of the new tram system, the public hall, the well-detailed facades of the shops, the generosity of the business spaces and the housing.’

The Nuovo Centro Civico is the new heart of Scandicci - a town located four miles southwest of Florence, Italy - designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) and DA.Studio. It is the first completed project in the country by RSHP.

The newly finished buildings are part of a wider urban plan commissioned by the Scandicci Council in 2003 and will transform the area from a disconnected satellite town into a renewed city hub. The development consists of a cultural centre, an office building and apartments, as well as a tram station that connects the town to the centre of Florence. These buildings are oriented around a piazza, focusing a series of activities from public to private, for the whole community. Materials were carefully selected to respond to local building traditions and a calm, contemporary architectural language binds the buildings together despite their varying functions. The result is a restrained architectural aesthetic that directs attention towards the setting rather than the buildings themselves.

RSHP’s masterplan viewed Scandicci within the wider context – not as a suburb of Florence but as a ‘destination’ within the Tuscany region. In this way Scandicci’s status has been enhanced as a pivotal town linking Florence with other major hubs such as Pistoia and the Chianti area.