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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

11 July 2014

Skyfarm shortlisted in Experimental category at World Architecture Awards

RSHP’s Skyfarm project designed in response to the 2015 Milan Expo theme “feed the world” has been shortlisted in the Experimental category at the World Architecture Awards 2014.

Skyfarm is a vertical farm designed to produce crops in multi-storey structures within high density urban areas. The farm is designed to be vertical to facilitate crop growth in areas where there is insufficient land or poor quality soil.

Each multi-story structure is made of light tensegrity bamboo to create a rigid circular frame and maximise sun exposure onto the farm. The system lends itself to the Aquaponics method that enables the growth of crops and fish together in a re-circulating system. At ground level there is space for a market or restaurant to encourage the public into the farm whereas the top floor is used to store water tanks and wind turbines.

RSHP architects Andrew Partridge and Davide Costa will present the designs live to delegates and an international jury in Singapore in early October with the possibility of being named World Building or Future Project of the Year.