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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

4 April 2016

VIDEO: Learning from Paris: how the French capital is reinventing itself

Reinvent Paris has been described as an “urban experiment of unprecedented magnitude” but could the Reinvent Paris competition act as a blueprint for London?

While the London Land Commission has recently identified numerous publicly-owned sites for redevelopment, plans for the land’s disposal is focused on securing the best price and planning permission rather than looking for new ideas that could help transform ways of building and living in the city. But Paris has taken the opposite tack. When the Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo launched the Reinvent Paris competition in 2014, she called it “an historic moment that no other city in the world has dared do”. Introduced by John McElgunn and Amanda Baillieu and in collaboration with Archiboo, Marion Waller, gives the first London talk on the Reinvent Paris competition explaining its background, what it hopes to achieve, how the process is working so far and lessons for the future.

Watch the full presentation on Reinventer Paris, filmed at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners on 3 March 2016.