The Deptford Project

The Deptford Project - Design

The residential building is located alongside the ramp and rises to eight storeys. The upper six storeys contain a total of 121 apartments consisting of 14 studios, 37 one-bed and 70 two-bed apartments. The façades are formed by a series of panels that enclose each apartment with a mix of solid and glazed units. The solid panels are proposed as very neutral silvers and greys while, in contrast, bright colours will be used for privacy screens and the underside of balconies to give a sense of individuality and personal space for the residents, creating an impression of a series of interlinked private spaces. The balconies are suspended in front of the façades, connected by a lightweight structure. This balcony and screen system extends all around the building and layers the façades with pockets of shadow and light.

At the lower levels a number of entrances from the ramp to the building's first and second floor levels create a permeable streetfront. Creative workspaces and commercial spaces are set back to draw in visitors and extend the public realm. On the west façade, which looks onto the quieter residential Octavius Street, a perforated brick wall forms a screen in front of private gardens. This screen, along with the ramp, gives a solid brick base for the new building, with a light glass structure above. The roof of the building is dedicated to a communal garden area and allotments for residents.

The redevelopment and reforming of the disparate urban environment around the station will offer Deptford a substantial new area of continuous public space for the first time in many years. It will help to encourage additional street market activities – which are already a popular feature in other parts of Deptford - and significantly enhance the attractiveness of the area to both local people and businesses.

The project received planning permission in March 2012. Jeffrey Adams,  Chief Executive United House Group said “Our scheme will be a catalyst for the broader regeneration plans for the area while restoring and preserving important historical elements.”

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