Channel 4 Television Headquarters

Channel 4 Television Headquarters - Occupation

Beyond the reception area a restaurant fills the curve with views over the garden. A sweeping roof-top terrace extends from the top-level board room.

The clients were looking for a scheme which expressed the character of their operations - innovative, socially aware and willing to take risks. As a result, the building expresses the perceived identity of the organisation while reflecting civic and contextual values which are central to the practice's urban architecture.

The building is set back from the corner of the site to create a public open space leading to the entrance of the building. The open space provides both a respite from the busy road and a significant setting for the entrance. Both the public and neighbouring residents have access to the central garden which is also used by Channel 4 staff for open air parties and events.

The entrance to the building is clearly defined by a conclave glass wall. The curved ramp leads from the public open space directly to the entrance. The glass wall is flanked on one side by the stack of meeting room, and on the other by the wall climber lifts that provide the main vertical circulation for the building.

RRP worked closely with the client throughout the design period.