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50 years of British Road Signs

50 years of British Road Signs

17 September 2015

In 1965 the British Road Sign appeared on our streets, designed by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, MADE NORTH has brought together leading designers, including Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, to create 50 signs installed across London, including the Design Museum, to poetically disrupt the everyday.

RSHP’s Public Space Ahead road sign has evolved from the existing sign’s visual language and functions. Our design ethos places emphasis on the celebration of public space and encouragement of public activities. The Centre Pompidou is a prime example of this ethos and is graphically represented in the design.

The project is curated by Patrick Murphy, Director of MADE NORTH. The project joins the north and south of England with a display of work and talk already taken place during Sheffield Design Week at the MADE NORTH

Gallery and at London Design Festival in September. The exhibition runs at the Design Museum, London from 21-25 September 2015 accompanied by a publication featuring the origins and development of the British Road Sign and also featuring the 50 signs created by contemporary designers and artists.