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VeloVeni: The grand depart

VeloVeni: The grand depart

08 September 2016

1,000 miles, 10 countries, 10 days, £100,000

Set up by a team from Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, VeloVeni is a charity bike ride from London to Venice, aiming to replicate the huge success of VeloFlo 2014.

On a 10-day epic cycle ride to Venice. The 24 person team, will be covering 1,000 miles, through 10 countries; climbing nearly 19,000 metres, the equivalent of cycling up Everest from sea level twice.

The RSHP team members participating in the cycle are Douglas Paul, Hamish Crockett, Will Clayton, Dawid Panek, Jack Newton, Theo Pagnon, Greg Unsworth, John Dent and in support: Kinga Koren, Veronika Gilwa, Pietro Bodra, Jose Roldan and Povilas Gucevicius. Ivan Harbour joined them for the initial stage and the whole practice waved them off.

VeloVeni is raising funds for Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer’s Research UK, chosen as the two leading charities in their field, helping the fight against two of the most debilitating diseases and afflictions affecting people throughout the UK and around the world.

A number of the riders felt very strongly about supporting these organisations, having lost loved ones to these conditions.

VeloVeni is entirely self-funded, so every penny donated goes straight to the charities.