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Georgina Robledo

Georgina Robledo - Associate Partner

We recognise and admire infinitely Georgina’s transparency, honesty, seriousness and professional analysis to every single one of our requests.

Construction Manager, Atrio Project, Diego Calderón

Georgina’s experience working with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has ranged from early years spent in masterplanning and housing, and later moving into a more specialised practice in high rise building design.

Her role during the concept design stage for World Trade Center Tower 3 in New York in 2006, developed into team leader for the later stages of the design, coordinating the design with the client and consultants internationally. She subsequently worked on office buildings in London, Chongqing, Washington DC, Mexico City and Bogota.

Georgina played a key role in the design coordination and client liasion for the BBVA Tower in Mexico City. During her four years as project architect, from early competition stages, she spent two years in Mexico collaborating directly with the client body and the local partner Legorreta. During this time she was integral to the design development and coordination and its implementation on site.

More recently, her experience in high rise design has made her a key participant in Atrio, the ongoing project for two high-rise office buildings in Bogota, with one of them now under construction. Her initial involvement in the delivery of the façade and structural packages, was followed by a more general client liason and coordination role with the executive architect for the later stages of the design and construction documents.