Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners | RSHP



Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners believes that a strong social vision is the driving force behind a happy and productive workforce, which is critical for the development of a sustainable civil society.


With this in mind the practice has produced a constitution that enshrines ideas about community, teamwork, equity, collaboration and social responsibility.

Key features include ownership of the practice by a charity - no director has direct equity in the company; the division of profit between employees, charities and investment; the opportunity for employees of two years standing to donate to a charity of their choice; and the practice agreement that all works for military projects, prisons or arms manufacturers will be avoided.

Mentoring systems, close ties to local and international universities, fostering young architects and the promotion of a 'Think Tank' philosophy have earned the practice wide respect. Weekly design meetings provide a vital forum for the discussion of current competitions and on going projects, and create a platform for creativity and new solutions appropriate to each design.