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Europier, Heathrow

Europier, Heathrow


BAA plc

London, UK

Construction Cost
£ 21 500 000

Gross Floor Area
15 336 m²

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The new Europier at Heathrow’s Terminal 1 provided more than half a million square feet of new passenger and baggage facilities in an ongoing programme of improvements to Europe’s busiest airport building. The scheme provided passenger services to 10 aircraft stands that were previously accessed by bus. The project concept hinged around effective passenger segregation whilst providing good quality environment and facilities for both departing and arriving passengers. The pier maximised light, air and space and was designed to exploit the magnificent views across the apron and runways. The rhythms of the repetitive structure, the fully glazed facades and the unifying form of the roof made a simple statement of the basic function of the pier.

The building was organised as a series of shared gate lounge spaces housed in one simple unifying structure. All passengers using the pier moved through the same overall volume and all internal divisions were glazed to maximise views and passenger interest. Each pier was served by a fixed link and a mobile air bridge.

The building was consciously designed as a repetitive modular building using a maximum number of standardised industrial components including glazing, cladding, air bridges, ceiling panels, roof coverings, as well as using BAA prescribed standard products: carpet, seating, signage and desks.

A catering and retail support area was provided for passenger convenience and each aircraft stand provided late baggage facilities. Airline support offices and plant and technical areas were all housed at apron level.

Terminal 1 was closed in 2015, to make way for an expanded Terminal 2.



1996British Construction in Industry Award


BAA plc

London, UK

Construction Cost
£ 21 500 000

Gross Floor Area
15 336 m²

Structural Engineer
Waterman Partnership

Services Engineer
Hulley & Kirkwood

Acoustic Consultant
Sandy Brown Associates

Specification Consultant
Schumann Smith

Fire Consultant
Warrington Fire Research Consultancy

Cladding Consultant
Ove Arup and Partners

Construction Managers
Bovis Construction Limited


Laurie Abbott

Fiona Charlesworth

Tim Colquhoun

Julian Coward

Joe Crosier

Hal Currey

Alan Davidson

Michael Davies

Mike Elkan

James Finestone

Jayne Fisher

Harvinder Gabhari

Marco Goldschmied

Jackie Hands

Stephen Harty

Jim Huffman

Amo Kalsi

Stig Larsen

Marcus Lee

Stephen Light

John Lowe

Andrew Morris

Karen Murray

Julie Parker

Liz Parr

Gregoris Patsalosavvis

Rob Peebles

James Phillips

Kim Quazi

Paul Richards

Richard Rogers

Taka Tezuka

Harriet Watson

Martin White

Megan Williams

John Young