Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Terminal 1, Saint Exupéry Airport - Lyon

Terminal 1, Saint Exupéry Airport - Lyon


Aéroports de Lyon

Lyon, France

Construction Cost
€180 million​

Total Area
70,000 m²

Environmental Certification
HQE (France)


The brief for the project was challenging: to extend a distinctive group of existing terminal buildings in order to provide additional stands and improved passenger facilities.

It was important that the proposals should create a new identity for the airport, yet respect the original architecture and complement the nearby TGV train station, designed by Santiago Calatrava.

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners’ (RSHP) competition winning solution is a circular building made up of bold, simple and elegant structural elements which extends, and gives a new focus to, the existing airport whilst offering future flexibility, adaptability and potential for growth.

Through a phased development until 2020, the scheme will nearly double the size of the airport, enabling it to welcome an additional five million passengers annually. Connecting directly to the existing terminal 1, the curved form is extended into a new circular terminal which will offer a spacious and clearly defined entrance, a large shopping area and hanging garden at the centre, which will enrich the travelling experience for passengers. The angled facade allows passengers to take advantage of natural light and views over landscaped gardens and the airfield, whilst providing solar shading and protecting against solar gain.

A modular approach to the design and construction of the building responds to important economic constraints but will also harness the quality and speed of construction inherent in prefabricated construction techniques.



Aéroports de Lyon

Lyon, France

Construction Cost
€180 million​

Total Area
70,000 m²

Chabanne & Partenaires

Structural Engineer
Bouygues Bâtiment Sud Est

Mechanical Engineer

Electrical Engineer
CAP Ingelec

Principal Contractor
Bouygues Bâtiment Sud Est

Sustainability Consultant


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